Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More enchanted reading

For years, I have received this catalog and for a long time, I've had my eye on the collection of lovely picture books by Elsa Beskow. It's always funny to me that when I'm thinking about something, somebody else is too at the same time. Anyway, we just read Christopher's Harvest Time out loud this week and Luke just loved this story. What I have been trying to do is sit down with my two boys and read a little to them each day. Usually, I read to Luke separately at night and then to Sammy and of course, I'll keep that up, but I wanted reading time during the day as a little break from the regular school work. Since there is such an age gap with them, I've tried to find something that they can both enjoy. Sammy sat quietly and sucked his thumb while Luke was just excited by each page. He said, "Mommy! We have got to own this book!" (I had checked out this copy from the library). Of course, I can't deny my children books and I'm sure this one and more by Elsa Beskow will arrive in time for Christmas!

With inspiration from Meredith over at Sweetness and Light, I decided to try drawing some of the pictures from Christopher's Harvest Time. Meredith, what a great idea! I love the idea of using children's picture books as inspiration for our own drawings! Luke and I are enjoying spending time together drawing in the afternoons while Sammy naps. I was so taken by these beautiful illustrations that I wanted to draw them too. Perhaps I will scan those in later, but for now, I'll just share the images of the book. I actually drew the little redcurrant girl above. This book is irresistible!

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Meredith said...

Oh you're a dear for linking me!! We love Christopher's Harvest too, and all of Elsa Beskow's books, they are delightful, have fun creating with your sweeties!