Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yarn Along- Tessie's raglan sweater

I finally finished knitting the last sleeve on this simple neck-down pullover sweater.  I've learned something about myself as a knitter.  Whenever I get close to finishing a project, I'm not sure what happens to me, but I almost always put the project aside and cast-on another.  I don't really mind weaving in the ends so I'm not really sure what happens as I near the completion of a project.  I'm going to have to figure out why I do this.  Anyway, I used pattern #9730 from Knitting Pure and Simple for this sweater and it was a breeze.  I'm already half-way done with another one for little T.  I ordered some yarn to knit one for Sammy as well.  I like this simple unisex sweater pattern and I'm sure that I'll knit this one again and again (even if it gets a little boring at times).  I used Berroco Vintage in Black Cherry for this one.  I really enjoy knitting with Vintage worsted as it's a good economical soft yarn for children's garments and the colors are a little more sophisticated to create interesting children's items.  This sweater used two skeins making it about $13 for the yarn.  I'm almost done with my Chloe sweater as well, but as I just stated, I have a problem  finishing a project completely before starting another. I'm must be so undisciplined!
As for reading, I'm still reading most of what I was reading last week, but I did manage to read this as well.

For more yarn adventures, head on over to Ginny's!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yarn Along: Chloe

Okay, it's late and I'm not happy with these pictures at all.  I can't seem to get these colors right in any of these photos.  So, I post them all.  Sorry about the book redundancy. I wanted a good photo.  Anyway, I'm surprised how quickly I knit this Chloe. I cast on last week and I got really far on this project without really trying. I'm actually a little shocked.  It just goes to show that even if I knit a few stitches here and there, those stitches add up. Of course, I'm not completely done. I still have to finish the sleeves and buttons, but for the most part, it's done.  I knit this little sweater much longer than the pattern suggested. It may even be too long at this point, but it will look cute with a long-sleeved tee underneath (hopefully).  I used the pattern's suggested yarn and I love it. It's vibrant, soft and strong.  As for reading, the books are piling up.  I'm still working through Twenty Chickens for a Saddle for my upcoming book club. I'm nearly done with The Salt Garden. It's been on the nightstand for a while. I'm also reading Made From Scratch.  It's the memoir of a young woman who decides to become more self-sufficient by growing her own food, making her own clothes, etc. She's a city-girl turned homesteader.  I'm only on the first chapter, but I'm enjoying Woginrich's adventures with chickens.  This is so up my alley. I'm sure she'll attempt knitting and jam-making at some point!
Well, that's my weekly knitting adventure. I just wound a ball of Berroco Sox to knit up into Easter eggs for the kids' Baskets.  For more yarn adventures, please head over to Ginny's!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Paying attention to the small things

More blessings!
11. My new Keurig. I have never had a coffee maker. I don't drink coffee regularly as I see it as more of a treat.  I'm not really sure the Keurig qualifies as a real coffee maker, but I can easily and lazily have coffee more now.  Is that a good thing?  I don't know.

12. My sister who brings me awesome gluten-free goodies including Orange Chocolate chip scones made with almond flour

13. Liam's eyelashes- When I was nursing him the other day, I discovered he had these beautiful little ginger colored eyelashes

14. the excitement of a new knitting challenge

15. The Super Moon!

16.  The other day Paul brought me a strawberry milkshake made with fresh strawberries.  Unfortunately, it spilled all over his pants before he could give it to me, but it's those little gifts that mean the most.  He was pretty bummed, but it was truly the thought that counts and seriously, I didn't need all that sugar anyway!

17. On St. Patrick's Day, Paul and I went out for a mini-date. We put the twins to bed and my mom came over to watch the other three while we went and had dinner less than ten minutes from home.  I enjoyed some Bailey's and milk to celebrate that tiny bit o' Irish in my blood! Even an hour and a half to ourselves is a small treat.

18. A hardbound copy of Ballet Shoes for Little T's library- I was completely enchanted by The Shoes books when I was around twelve or so.  I love collecting special books for each of my children. It's a particular joy of mine to pass on some of my favorite childhood books to them. It's like giving them a piece of myself, something tangible to remind them of their childhood.

19.  Okay, another gluten-free goodie- Banana bread made with Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix. Honestly, I didn't have high hopes, but it turned out moist and delicious!

20. the quiet at the end of the day although right now, I hear the whipping wind swirling through the evergreens and aspens. Time for bed! Good night.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn Along - Needles Needles Everywhere!

I pulled out everything that I'm currently working on and it looks like a huge tangled mess! Last night, I started the striped hat on the left.  I'm part of this Christmas club at my local yarn shop in which I need to knit something every month in 2011 and keep the item aside until Christmas. If I don't complete something for the Christmas club, I pay the kitty $5. At the end of the year, all the money collected for incompleted Christmas club items goes toward a Holiday party at the shop. So far, I've knit only hats for Christmas club, but I try to make each one different. I'm trying to learn this technique, but I don't think it's working well. The red knit mess on the right is a simple pullover sweater for little T.  I just have to finish one more sleeve and the neck and it's done! I've also gathered my materials to cast on for Never Not Knitting's Chloe sweater.  I'm trying to help Elizabeth long-distance while she knits her first sweater.  So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to knit this again.  I knit this last year in a solid color, but this year, I'd like to knit the stripe pattern and I just happen to have all of the recommended Spud&Chloe colors! I should be able to finish the striped hat (Spud & Chloe Sweater in Root Beer, Splash, and Grass). Okay, as for reading, I haven't been focusing on any one thing the past week. I've been a bit distracted, but I do have to get started on this for book club on April first.  I am woefully behind...must put down knitting needles and pick up book! 

For more yarn and books, please visit Ginny!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tessie's Spring sweater

She stood still for a moment.
Again, I had to chase her with the camera.
Here she is "cooking" while wearing her new handknit sweater in a lovely
robin's egg blue.

I love knitting for this girl!

Monday, March 14, 2011


The other day my son asked me to take him to Target. I really didn't feel like going. It meant packing up the twins and bringing a lot of gear. I just wasn't in the mood, but we went anyway. I ended up in the stationery section looking for thank you cards and that's when I found this simple little journal. It shouted Spring! Suddenly, I was happy to be at Target and I couldn't wait to get started recording all those everyday blessings. If I pay close enough attention, abundant blessings are everywhere.  So, here begins my year of blessings:

1. quiet time in the evenings after every one's in bed
2. stacks of library books
3. decaf raspberry lattes made by Stephanie- she knows exactly how I like them!
4. a trip to the yarn store
5. reading aloud to Luke
6. gazing into the blue eyes of  the twins
7. scones and Darjeeling tea
8. knitting with a friend
9. watching Little T cuddling with bear while she sleeps
10. just thinking about growing Mammoth Sunflowers

I'm just getting started! It's wonderful life. If you don't stop and look around you could miss all those small things that add up to big blessings!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Look Who's 5 Months!

I think that flash scared Liam.  I couldn't get a smile out of him. The past 5 months have whizzed by so quickly. Five
months with twins goes ten times faster than five months being pregnant! I love these monkeys.