Friday, November 30, 2007


Stacks and stacks. This describes my nightstand. I have way too many books on my nightstand. I am constantly trying to reduce the amount of books by putting them somewhere else and usually that somewhere else is another stack. (We have a real lack of bookshelf space since we moved. I fear most of my books may stay tucked away in boxes for years!) Anyway, no sooner than I move a stack of books, but another stack erupts. It's like pulling weeds. Once you pull them and walk away relieved, they grow right back while your back is turned. Now, I'm not complaining about books. Normally, I don't like clutter, but I'm learning that I have to make serious concessions when it comes to books. I can't read just one. I'm just interested in too many things and well, the stacks will have to stay.

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Mary G said...

Carmie -- I too have stacks -- altho mine are horizontal in wicker baskets that are quickly taking over my living room! And those are just the ones from the Library -- they don't even include the ones that are coming from Amazon, alibris and other used book sites! Just thought you'd want to know you're not alone!