Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trying to find rhythm and beauty in each day

As we've moved into November, I've noticed that we're settling into a nice routine. Maybe it's not the routine that I initially planned in late August, but this fits much more nicely than anything I could have come up with. I've learned that I'm at my worst in the morning. I don't know why, but it really takes a lot for me to get going. It's not like I need coffee or anything to jolt me into action, but I'm just slow in the mornings. I don't particularly like this about myself, but I'm learning to accept these things about myself. Since I know this, I can plan around this shortcoming. Actually, I've realized that the more I accept about myself, the happier and more content I am with the course of my day.

After breakfast, Luke starts in on his morning core subjects (math, handwriting, Latin) while I clean up and get Sammy ready for the day. After that, the boys have been spending time outside. We're having one spectacular Autumn here in Colorado! After the boys come back inside, we sit down and I read them a book. Pretty soon it's lunch time! I make Luke his lunch and he goes to his room where he eats and listens to a book on CD. (Right now, it's Rascal by Sterling North.) I feed Sammy his lunch and then he goes down for his nap. After Luke has finished his lunch, he comes down and we do art together. We spend this time drawing and working on our lapbooks. Currently, Luke is making a book for Autumn and Thanksgiving. I haven't drawn this much since college! I'm really enjoying this time with him. It forces me to forget about dirty dishes and laundry and I get to spend uninterrupted time with my son. Normally, I have this huge amount of anxiety over these tasks not getting done, but I know that art time is special and important around here and I'd rather Luke remember that I drew with him than remember that I washed dishes while he drew. I strive daily to fend off the anxiety that I feel about accomplishing everything and I pray daily for contentment in not accomplishing everything, but only the important things.

As it gets dark earlier and it continues to get colder, I am warmed by our flexible routine of learning all day. In the evenings, I look forward to snuggling with the boys and reading some more. There is endless joy in our learning lifestyle.

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