Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Finally Done!

Here's the quilt (you can see Sammy's toes in the picture) I started for Sammy a few days after we brought him home from the hospital. Somehow, in those early days, I managed to cut it out, piece it and sew the topper together very quickly despite taking care of a newborn. I know it's not a terribly difficult quilt, but I was really motivated after Sam was born. Then, we put our house up for sale and I put my sewing machine away and all my quilting stuff too. A friend of mine from church quilted it for me and then the poor thing just sat stored away waiting to be finished. Recently, I pulled out four unfinished quilts and decided it was high time that I finished them. It's so easy to lose your momentum on a project if you put it away for too long. Anyway, thanks to Steph, it's finally complete just shy of Sam's third birthday. Steph helped me hand sew the binding on last night. I hadn't sewn bindings in over two years and I totally had forgotten how to do it. I now have three unfinished quilts and I'm anxious to begin a new quilting project and I won't (see how disciplined I can be?) until I finish the other quilts which remain in-progress. The next project I want to attempt is in this book. It's a cute little sailboat that will make a great wall-hanging for the boys' room. I'm already thinking about the day I can purchase more fabric!

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