Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nature Walk

My husband just began his work sabbatical this week and we get to enjoy him being home
for 4 weeks in a row! So, yesterday, we took a hike near our home. Here's Luke lounging on a rock. It's like Christmas having Daddy home during the day.

Here's Paul with a wildflower. (It turns out we weren't supposed to pick the wildflowers.) We wanted to gather a good collection for later identification.

Here's Sammy riding in style!

I was watching for butterflies too. Luke will have to identify this one for me.

We tried to find out what kind of flower this is, but it wasn't in our Colorado wildflower guide.

Here's the bouquet of wildflowers we shouldn't have picked!

Luke and Sammy sitting in a rock that they pretended was a car or spaceship or a plane. I was there too, but just behind the camera!


Meredith said...

Super fun day and I'm so glad you've got your sweetie home for a whole month, yeah!! Prayers for tomorrow :)

Mary G said...

Carmen! What a wonderful post -- and so nice to have Paul home for a bit ...

The flowers are lovely (if illegal) and the boys look so thrilled!

How are you doing?