Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Early Nesting?

I always kind of thought that nesting was that short period of time before a woman gives birth where suddenly she can't stand that there might be dust under the fridge. After attending to the dust accumulation under the fridge she decides that she needs to check the expiration date of everything in the fridge which then leads to the removal of every item so she can deep clean. Then, she goes into labor. Anyway, I feel like I've gotten this nesting thing early this time around.

My husband has been on a month long sabbatical and we're (sadly) in the final week already. He's done a ton of work on the basement. He's painted nearly everything and we're getting ready to have new carpet installed, but there's still so much to do and I find myself in panic-mode. We start our new school year right after Labor day and I know that August will go quickly. I've been thinking about all the things I want to have accomplished before we begin another school year and all the things I want to have accomplished before baby girl gets here. There is so much juggling of stuff to be done. We have a small space in the basement that we have designated for a classroom. We bought some new bookcases and Paul is getting ready to stain them and then mount them to the wall. After that, we will need to shuffle all of the books down to those shelves. There is also a bedroom which will become our new guest room and that means moving everything from the former guest room on the main floor down. The former guest room will become (temporarily) the craft room until it becomes baby girl's room, but that won't be for a while because if she's like my boys, she will never ever want to move out of my room. Right now, Sammy is sleeping in his little toddler bed in my room with no plans to move into his bedroom he supposedly shares with Luke. I know there will be a lot of co-sleeping! So, I've been thinking about how to get all this done in time for the end of August. I saw Elizabeth's nesting list and well, I feel in the same boat. Here's the list:

1. Guest room switch
2. Finish Classroom and set up classroom-- need to look for small work desk for Luke (I'll get my hubby on Craig's List right away!)
3. Write Lesson Plans until January
4. Shop and wrap Christmas presents
5. Set- up sewing machine in former guest room
6. Plan Fall meal schedule (that we'll actually follow)
7. Finish all unfinished crafts-crochet, knit and quilt projects
8. Plan Luke's 9th birthday (September 6th)
9. I still haven't made the Jam!!!!!
10. Switch to local pediatrician (I can't take the drive to our current doc anymore!)
11. Go through remaining book boxes that we haven't been able to unpack since we moved over 2 years ago.
12. Gather all outgrown children's clothing and decide what to keep and what to give away
13. Begin new quilting project- Sailboat wall hanging for Luke's birthday
14. Enjoy more nights of just sitting on the deck after the boys are in bed and praying for peace of mind.
Okay, there it is. At least my fridge is always clean. I have severe OCD when it comes to things in my kitchen.

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