Friday, September 19, 2008

The Gem Show

At the last minute, I decided to take the boys to the Gem & Mineral show downtown. It was a rainy stormy day and I thought we could use a field trip. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be part of the show, but we stumbled into a room full of fossils. Here are a couple of Saber-toothed tiger skulls.

Luke and Sam pose in front of the dinosaur skeleton displays.

My camera cannot truly capture how vibrant this is.

Again, here's a case full of beautiful minerals, but I could not photograph them
to capture their splendor.

Luke discovers that panning for gold is not as easy as it seems.

The boys enjoyed Mr. Bones walking around the show...kinda like that T-rex in Night at the Museum! I admit that I don't know much about geology and I think we may have a rabbit trail to follow!


MaryM said...

Your photos are great - I'm glad you had a good time. We love it so much. And yes, the fossil area is part of the show - or should I say the Fossil Show goes on simultaneously with the gem & mineral show. Wish we would have bumped into you.

Mary G said...

MaryM took my kids last year and they all had such a wonderful time. This is truly a show not to be missed .... the boys look so old, though! How did that happen?

Meredith said...

What a great day, it looks so fun! Hugs!