Monday, October 20, 2008

Why can't we finish this book?

I realized that we've had this book on our sidebar for several months now. We've listened to a lot of books on CD in the mean time, but I cannot manage to motivate to finish reading this one to Luke. We loved the first Penderwicks book, but I have to say that I'm really not enjoying this sequel very much. Neither is Luke, but that's because he usually prefers fantasy and well, there are no dragons on Gardam Street! I kind of would like to find out who Bug Man is, but I really want to start something new and I hate not finishing books!!! Ugh...
I guess we'll keep on going and I'll demonstrate some perserverance and then maybe we can start reading The House of Arden.

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Love2Learn Mom said...

We have loads of books that manage to go unfinished for long periods of time. I did enjoy this one, but didn't do it as a family read-aloud.