Friday, November 14, 2008

I finished another project!

Okay, I began this very simple quilt in the beginning of my pregnancy for my friend Stephanie's baby. So, sometime in March I started sewing this little quilt. I figured I could have this quilt done in time for the June arrival of baby Evie. Well, it's only five months late, but baby Evelyn doesn't seem all that upset. Actually, she looks rather happy. I'm happy too. Now, I have to finish knitting the sweater I started a few weeks ago for Sammy. I am hoping to have it completed before our baby girl is born, but given my track record, it might be a little longer. I suppose I can knit in the hospital, right?


Meredith said...

It's gorgeous! Praying for these last days of your pregnancy and for a safe and healthy birth!! Love and hugs,

Jen said...

You are becoming quite the quilter! It is beatiful!