Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Progress...

I've started laying out these blocks in Kaffe Fassett garden prints...makes me long for Spring!

Here are some of these vibrant prints up close.

These are the remaining blocks that need to be cut to the smaller size. I still need to cut the border and choose fabric for the backing. I like breaking quilting down into manageable little chunks. Right now, I'm focused on just getting the topper done. Then, I can buy fabric for the backing (after Lent of course).

Here's my first far. I have to admit that I'm beginning to like double points.
I love the creative life!


Jennifer said...

Your fabrics are so pretty! And I agree on the dpns. I was terrified to start and now I love knitting with them.

Mary G said...


That quilt will be lovely! It looks very Gentle Art of Domesticity-ish altho I did see you mentioned Kaffe Fasset!

And bravo for trying the socks. I really need to show you how to do toe-up, 2 socks at one time ... then you'll really be cranking out cozy socks!

Kristen said...

Gorgeous, Carmen! Love those spring-y colors.