Thursday, March 19, 2009

Small Successes

I admit it. I'm overwhelmed and it's my own fault. I take on way too many things and today I realized I've just got too much that I have to do and to much that I want to do. I realized that I'm knitting socks, working on two quilts, and trying to remember how to crochet. I have way too many books checked out from the library and I always feel like a loser if I turn them back in without reading or at least perusing them. See? I bring it on myself. I know myself too well to just drop everything and simplify because I'll feel like a failure. Anyway, these thoughts swirled around in my head and I felt a little down that I'm just not getting as much accomplished as I would like and then I thought about Small Successes and I cheered up a bit because I realized that I have done quite a bit more than I thought today.

1. I ironed our Fall/Winter duvet, folded it and put it away. Normally, it would take me until the middle of Spring to get the Winter things put away. I'm pretty happy about this especially since the duvet involved ironing. I absolutely dislike ironing.

2. I had three almost black bananas and I baked a loaf of banana bread and that delighted the boys.

3. I packaged up two books that I sold at Amazon marketplace and I will take them to the post office today.

4. Okay, this is what contributes to me feeling overhwelmed. I started another quilt. I organized the rows of simple squares, but the great thing is that it's all ready to be sewn.

5. I won't even think about starting another project!!

6. I always keep the checkbook balanced to the penny.

Share your successes here.

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