Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enchanted Knitting

It looks like February outside my window today. We're on day 3 of snow and Fall just started! Anyway, it's the perfect day for tea and scones and flipping through my new knitting book which arrived yesterday from Amazon. It's always a good day when books arrive from Amazon even if there's six inches of snow outside!


Mary said...

I heard about the snow out your way and thougth of you - can't believe it. Glad it's not down here yet - I'm not ready for "winter."

Jennifer said...

I think a new knitting book would be even better with six inches of snow - especially that book! Lucky you!

Sarah said...

It's so exciting when new books arrive from amazon =) Enjoy the knitting book! I've just started knitting this year, and I'm really enjoying it!