Monday, December 7, 2009

Knitting Woes

Two knitting woes to report:

1. I've learned that knitting blankets are a little on the boring side. After knitting for weeks on a blanket that I just didn't really even like after several rows, I perservered and kept going if only to use up all the yarn (yarn, I might add that I liked less and less with each row). Last Saturday, I decided to knit away on the blanket even though there were more exciting projects calling to me and after about an hour's worth of knitting, I discovered a huge error that would have required a lot of un-knitting. I just couldn't do it. I refused to un-knit. I finished up the garter edge and bound off. I still have one more skein of yarn just sitting there mocking me! Ugh! I still have to weave in the ends and then what? Well, I've learned that I won't be starting anymore blanket projects anytime soon.

2. Tonight, I went out to enjoy an evening to hear travel writer Rick Steves speak and of course, I brought along some knitting as I always do these days. I hastily shoved some yarn into my purse and off I went. So, I'm walking in the parking lot carrying my purse in one hand and Tess in the other when I hear a little snap. Somehow, I lost my ball of yarn that was attached to my Hat! I would only realize after the event that my yarn ball had fallen out of my purse, caught on the tow-ball on the back of my car and by the time I reached the auditorium, the yarn snapped away from my project. I must have been trailing yarn for a long time before the unfortunate separation of yarn from project. I do have more yarn to join to my hat, but I just could not believe my bad luck. Not only could I not knit, I lost yarn in such a horrible way. When I discovered what happened, I had to get scissors out my purse to cut the tangled yarn away from the back of my car. If it had been the blanket yarn, I might not consider this a knitting woe!


Mary G said...

Oh, Carmen ... I SOOOO wish I could tell you those things never happen ...

Unfortunately, we all have knitting days like that. A few years ago, I made a Rick a vest for Christmas and I was so proud because I was almost done and it was 2 days before Christmas and I hadn't had to do ANY knitting in front of him so it'd be a complete surprise. As I got ready to join the shoulders, I realized that the fronts were uneven ... and since I'd knit in the round, I had to rip back to the BEGINNING of the armhole and re-knit! YUCK!

But these things do come few and far between and the good knitting fairies will bless you with delighted grins from your kids when that same vest gets shrunk in the wash and now they have a Daddy vest!

Jennifer said...

Tragic yarn loss! Oh my goodness, I hope it wasn't anything too pricey or especially beautiful. I would have cried.

Meredith said...

Oh Carmie, I feel for you honey! Try some "toasties" they knit really quick in any yarn and so cozy!! I haven't attmepted a blanked yet either for the very reasons you stated! So sorry about losing the ball in such a tragic way :( Hugs and persevere, it will be worth it in the end :)