Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Term Plans

It's been a very nice January and we've been chugging away nicely. I've been meaning to post our Winter term plans for a while now. So, here we go:
Luke finished his 5th grade math workbook yesterday. I've found that when we mix up the math concepts, he enjoys math a lot more. Instead of working on one concept for twenty pages or so, he enjoys working on something different each day. So, that's what he's been doing. We had been using Modern Curriculum Press math since first grade. I decided to use a mix of things for 5th grade rather than use MCP 5th. I just ordered a few 6th grade workbooks and an introduction to Algebra for 5th/6th graders. We'll implement those this term.

We're pretty low-key about science around here. We've been focusing on nature and observation for the past couple of years. This year Luke has started reading through Enid Blyton's Nature Lover's Book. I love this book!!! It has such beautiful illustrations and it's just enchanting. The book is divided into chapters by months of the year. There are birds, trees, flowers to learn to identify. There is even a nature poem for each month which Luke uses for copywork. We're listening to My Side of the Mountain right now which is awesome and goes well with our nature study curriculum. I didn't read this one when I was younger, but I'm excited I get to read it now. We've been listening to this one when we're driving around.

Luke also keeps a daily nature journal. Sometimes, he writes and sometimes he draws something he sees in our yard. He received this book for Christmas and is working on refining his bird drawings.
The Sibley Guide to Trees will be another book to use to identify local trees around here.

Since little Tessie has arrived, I have had way less time for reading aloud to Luke which bums me out considerably. We used to read aloud together before bedtime and it was our special time together. Paul would put Sammy to bed and read to him while I would read to Luke and put him to bed. Now, Paul continues to read to Sammy nightly and I put Tessie to bed while Luke reads or listens to a book on his own. Currently, he's got several books on his MP3 player. He's listening to book 3 of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and The Princess Bride is up next on the MP3 player.

I have plans to read Swallows and Amazons to Luke this term. As I mentioned before, we used to read so much more together, but I'm going to embrace the less is more approach and focus on one really good book per quarter.

I am now requiring one book report monthly. He can choose any book that he has listened to on his own, with me or one that he has read. I don't let him just listen to unabridged books. I require that he is reading as well. Listening and reading are two different skills.

He has been working through the Spectrum 5th grade book for Reading Comprehension as well.


Luke completed half of Latina Christiana I last year, but I had him start the book again for review. I don't want him to just finish the book. I want him to truly learn and the review is good for him. We may have to go through the summer, but I hope to have Latina Christiana I completed before he begins 6th grade in Fall.
We started French from Memoria Press this year and this had been a struggle for Luke. I can't believe I keep hearing that he thinks Latin is easier! We've made it through the first 10 lessons and I will have to do some serious review before we continue.

Nature Journal
Book reports
Copywork- He copies out a couple of poems each week to practice cursive italic.

We are about to begin to learn how to diagram sentences this term. I thought this was so fun when I was a kid. I hope Luke likes it too.

We are pretty informal about cooking, but Luke has gotten proficient at baking chocolate chip cookies on his own. I told him I want him to plan a meal for the family this term. He will have to make a grocery list and figure out his budget as well.

I would like him to feel comfortable making spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches, old-fashioned oatmeal, scrambled eggs and pancakes. You know, staples he could make confidently himself.


I admit this is all workbook. He's motivated to work through it though.

These are the things that should carry us through Winter and Spring and some of these things we will cotinue through Summer albeit on a lighter schedule.

Mama's reading/learning


We're slowly working through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

This should keep us busy around here!!


Jennifer said...

Love your notes. We're repeating LCI as well and I ordered the DVD for the second go 'round. I echo what you said about doing it vs. knowing it.

Meredith said...

Is Luke reading The Princess Bride?? Just curious if it's the story they used for the movie version, AND if it's any good. We haven't read it ourselves yet... Your plans look very nice and relaxed :) I'm going to look for that Enid nature book :)