Monday, February 22, 2010

Goals this week

1. Finish my Ravelympics projects (I'm making my Chloe a solid color instead of stripes.) I'm also knitting one of these. Will I finish before the closing ceremonies??

2. Finish listening to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (so sad and yet so powerful) and On the Far Side of the Mountain (with Luke)

3. Finish reading The Day I Became an Autodidact, The Happiness Project and Crossing Washington Square- these all need to go back to the library soon. (I've meant to get these books done for a few weeks now.) I mean it. This is the week that these books get finished!!!

4. Start reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for a book club this Friday (So, really I should have lumped this one in with the extensive reading in #3.)

5. Plan Luke's March lesson plans

6. Look for a cheery almost-Spring oilcloth tablecloth. Despite the few inches of snow around here, I can sense that Spring is coming. It's time to lighten things up around here.

7. Menu plan this week. Since I made such a big pot of soup yesterday, I don't need to worry about dinner tonight. I'm thinking about tacos mid-week and spinach lasagna on Friday.

8. Check Sunshine Yarns tomorrow for some color inspiration!

So, a lot of knitting and reading to squeeze in around everything else!

Have a happy week.

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