Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Bits

January is a very nice month. At least here in Colorado, January is a nice month. Yes, it's cold, but it's beautiful and we usually don't get much snow. I actually really like cold weather, because cold weather is just plain old knitting inspiration! It's also just plain cozy, but it's gone already and February's here already. Looks like we've already settled into 2010 around here.

Okay, so I started knitting some of these socks on my trip to Breckenridge last weekend and I was making some serious progress when I thought that I better consult with Jenn about how long to knit the leg on the socks. It turns out that I was just happily knitting around and around and before I knew it, my leg was almost 6 inches long and with a single ball of Sunshine Yarn Merino Sport to make a pair of socks I knew I'd have to un-knit. Except that I didn't. I decided that I'm a much better knitter now and I boldly pulled out my DPNs and unravled several rows until my sock measured closer to 4 inches. I thought that I could easily pick the stitches back up and start the heel flap, but I couldn't. I got awfully close, but several stitches kept sliding downward and despite my best efforts with a crochet hook, I gave up and wound the yarn back into a ball. Oh well. I'll just start them again this week. I have plans for procuring some more
Merino sport tomorrow. I have not been buying yarn so that I could save my yarn budget for more Sunshine! I did however order some sock blockers today. I'm so close to finishing a pair of socks, but I really want to begin again on the Sell Your Sole sock pattern.

Book goals this week: I seriously need to finish Simplicity Parenting by Wednesday. I can't renew it, but I'm more than half-way on that one. Luke and I enjoying My Side of the Mountain immensely. We're listening to it when we drive around town doing errands. I love listening to books in the car. I also am working through The Day I became an Autodidact by Kendall Hailey. I know I won't be able to renew this one either. It's inspiring in the way that encourages me that there's learning wherever you want to find it. Just be curious and anxious to learn! I think that half the reason I like homeschooling so much is due to the fact that I'm excited and passionate about learning myself and I want to pass that on to my kids. I want to inspire them to want to discover and create throughout their lives.

Meal planning this week: Taking some budget advice from MaryG, I'm going to try implement grocery shopping only twice monthly. It should help me save a little money, help me plan better and make me happier because I'll be at the grocery store much less often. Okay, so this week, I'd like to make Chicken Pot Pie from The Pioneer Woman Cooks . I'm not sure that I'll use her crust recipe, but I'll try the filling recipe. I have plans for a hearty stew as well. I checked out the New England Soup Factory cookbook from the library and I'm going to make that stew. I also just got my new Cook's Illustrated and there's an article on how to bake the best chewy brownies. Usually, I'm a from -scratch baker, but I'll admit that box brownies are usually better. So, I'm now anxious to try the brownies in this month's Cook's Illustrated to see if they are better than my from-scratch attempts. Last week, I modified a chicken tortellini soup recipe from the New England Soup Factory cookbook and it turned out pretty hearty and tasty. I'll share the recipe later.

For now, I'll leave you some pictures from our short weekend trip to Breckenridge.

We strolled around the Snow Sculpture competition.

Tessie bundled up and in a good mood
I love this hat. It's a total boy hat. Sammy wasn't up for being photographed, but he's got one of these hats too in a nice red plaid.

Luke and I went ice skating and he's still trying to get the hang of skating while I worked on my repetoire of figures eights and axel jumps...Yes, I'm kidding. Happy February everyone! We'll see what Punxsutawney Phil has to report tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, so sorry about the socks. At least they knit up quickly. Those snow shots are amazing. That looks like a fun weekend.