Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stash management

Any takers? A lot of these are full skeins, but I can't help rolling everything into balls. I've got a lot of random worsted. Most of this would be ideal for fun hats with bright colors. There are some sock yarns. Sometimes, I double strand a worsted with a sock yarn for a hat and it creates a fun effect. I'm not comfortable with so much yarn just sitting here. So, if you didn't get some yarn from Jenn, you're in luck here. Please leave me a comment. If there's more than one person interested, I'll just draw a winner. I really hope one of you readers out there can use this. I hate wasted yarn. I've bought a lot of yarn and I really only want to have yarn for a couple of WIPs at a time. It's just too much (at least for me)!
Next up: reducing the fabric stash!


Mary G said...


I would love the dark blue, bright yellow and red in the top picture ... are those all the same yarn brand do you know? I just think they'd make something cool ...

but then I'm a knitting nut!

Sarah said...

I really like the variegated yarns in the third and fourth pics. I can't tell exactly what weight they are, but it seems like you have enough of the same colorways to make some nice projects. I would love to receive some of your yarn! I actually don't have a large stash, which is good, and it still wouldn't be large if I inherited some of yours =) Thanks for the opportunity!