Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to March

Usually I head into March a little apprehensive. It's seems the signs of Spring are everywhere but here. March typically brings the most snow and well, April too. I remember we brought Sam home from the hospital on April 29th and it was snowing! Today, though, is beautiful! It's actually March 3rd despite the date on the post. I intended to post on the first of the month, but you know how it goes! Anyway, today is sunny and warm. The boys were outside in the their windbreakers. Now, I know there is most likely a lot of snow coming this month, but I'm going to look closer for those signs of Spring.

Plans for March:

I borrowed a few from By Sun and Candlelight. Dawn always inspires me!
- Keep Reading Swallows and Amazons and learn the major parts of a sailboat. I'm finding this is important so that Luke can picture what the crew of the Swallow are doing more clearly. I discovered that the 2nd book in the series appears to be out of print. I'm going to have to order a used copy so that we can continue on with the adventure!

- Pull out Alice in Wonderland and read this aloud to Luke as well. A year or so ago, he listened to the unabridged book on CD, but since the new 3D film is coming out soon, it'll be good to re-visit this novel. I admit to not finishing this one as a child.

- March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. Luke and I say a short version of St. Patrick's Breastplate prayer every night. St. Patrick is special to Luke. So, I bought a special baking pan with an Irish Soda Bread recipe printed in the bottom of the pan (I ordered mine at Chinaberry). We're going to bake Irish Soda Bread and I'll make the beef stew I've wanted to try all Winter. Soon, it will be time to move away from the heavy soups and stews and move to Spring fare. I also plan to make green vanilla shakes! Luke isn't keen on the green idea, but the rest of the family will be!

- March is Maple month. We use a fair amount of maple syrup around here. On Christmas Eve, I baked a batch of scones sweetened only with maple syrup and glazed with equal parts maple syrup and melted butter. They were outstanding! I was drawn to the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Food Network Magazine only because of Ina Garten's recipe for Maple scones. I'm going to have to try these too!!
- Look for Robins. We haven't seen any lately. We've seen plenty of Dark-eyed Juncos, Stellar's Jays and Red-breasted Nuthatches, but I look forward to seeing robins.
- Watch for the Full Sap Moon 3/30
- Read the March Walks in Enid Blyton's Nature Lover's Book.
- Fish taco Fridays. (I know I can make my husband love these! Anybody have a good recipe to recommend? I'm going to go check out All Recipes for ideas.)
- Easter baskets
-Knitting- You didn't think I wouldn't mention knitting did you? I need to finish the little jumper I started for Tessie in the Fall. I hope it will still fit. I'm really close to finishing my bear for the Mother Bear Project and I'm working on another pair of these socks. I do have to block a couple of projects as well. (Oh, the mail just came while I was typing this post and I just got some beautiful yarn ifrom Pulling At Strings. It's Yarn Love Charlotte Bronte Worsted in Strawberry Smoothie! How can you not love yarn that combines knitting and great literature??
- Start thinking about our garden! I'm thinking about strawberries (probably because of the yarn), carrots, lettuce, and sunflowers!
- Ice skating- Take Luke to Evergreen Lake for a little more ice skating before the big melt! I get to sit and knit while he skates!

Happy March friends!


Sarah said...

What pretty yarn! What do you plan on knitting with it?

It feels like spring here, too, and we're enjoying it, but March can be very snowy, and Easter never is warm enough to wear the spring fashions that are available ... without a cardigan of some sort!

I read on another blog that she is going to make "Shamrock Shakes" with her kids for St. Patty's Day ~ one part mint chocolate chip ice cream and one part milk. Perhaps the green would be more appealing then =)

Kimberlee said...

Hi Carmie! We are big Swallows and Amazons fans here. Swallowdale seems to be in print with a differnt publisher (not Godine like the others) and is available on Amazon: