Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My own long winter

This is what I woke up to this morning. I sighed and accepted more snow. Spring is really tough for me here in Colorado. Just when I'm yearning for warm weather and picnics and being outdoors, that's when the snow comes. Usually, January and February are just cold, but there's not a lot of snow. It's the Spring that brings all this snow.

Luke and I just finished listening to The Long Winter yesterday. I was anxious to finish this book because I felt like just listening to it was making me colder and prolonging my own long winter. I hadn't re-visited The Long Winter since I was a girl. It just wasn't one of the Little House books that I read over and over. It's an excellent book about perseverance and being grateful for the little things. I still kind of wonder what it was like for Pa to sit down to those delicious hot pancakes at Almanzo and Royal's house after eating nothing but potatoes and coarse brown bread for weeks. It must have been like Heaven to eat warm pancakes soaked with maple syrup. I do wonder if he told Ma about his feast...maybe not for a long while. I wondered what it would be like to see the food supply diminishing knowing that there wouldn't be more until the train got through. I've just never experienced hunger like that. The thing is God provided. He took care of them and there was just enough until the train finally came in with their Christmas turkey.

Anyway, It's a little after noon and the snow is slowing down here and the sun peeks out every now and then, but I know there's more snow coming. I decided to celebrate having more than just potatoes in the house and I made a vanilla cream pie. I scraped the last of my vanilla bean seeds to make the filling and now my pie is chilling nicely in the fridge. It'll be a nice treat in our cozy house tonight.


Jennifer said...

Do not get me started on Pa and the pancakes. Perhaps it's because I get so very grumpy when I'm hungry but if my husband sat down to a big meal like that while I was home starving with our children - oh my. It would be ugly.

Karen E. said...

Jennifer, I was going to say the same thing, lol!

We just read The Long Winter in February (or was it March? We had such a loooong winter ....) and we always talk about Pa in those scenes. And about how perhaps Almanzo began courting Laura because he felt guilty for hiding all that wheat. :)

Today as we were reading "The First Four Years" Ramona, out of the blue, said, "I'm buying your wheat." :) (Remember when Pa went in and found the stuff?)