Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Early June observations

  • I didn't really mean to take a blog break, but I did.  I'm sure it has something to do with pregnancy.  I just don't have much energy these days.  I was truly hoping for a 2nd trimester burst of energy, but so far, it hasn't happened.  I still don't enjoy food much.  I was hoping that I'd start to feel hungry, but right now I'm choking  food down.  As an enthusiastic eater and cook, I'm truly discouraged by my lack of interest in food.  I'm finding that a twin pregnancy is very different from a single.  Why did I think it wouldn't be that much different?

  • Last Friday (June 4th) was our last day of school.  It ended without much fanfare.  Luke still owes me a book report, but he decided at the last minute that he wanted to write his report about a different book than he had intended.  So, I'll give him a little more time.  He'll take the rest of June off, but he'll resume working on Latin in July.  I'm taking June off too.  I won't start planning for 6th grade until July although I can't help my brain from thinking and planning a little.

  • I just realized that I have the fewest items checked out from the library (5) than I've had all year.  I have two cookbooks checked out that in ordinary circumstances I would love to peruse, but right now, I have no interest.  Did I mention that at 18 weeks pregnant, I've lost a couple of pounds? The twins are growing well so I'm not worried about not gaining weight right now.  I'm trying to eat small things all day.

  • All I want to do is read light fiction.  I usually juggle a lots of varied reading, but right now, I'm hungry for fiction.  I just started The Book Thief, a book club selection.  I wouldn't call this light fiction, but it's fiction. It's the summer and it's time to lighten up.

  • Knitting. Did you think I'd get through a post without mentioning some knitting? I'm working on a second Haltermelon, but this one's in a deep red.  Yesterday between OB appointments, I bought some watermelon buttons that I'll use.  I'm looking forward to starting this project as I'm ready to move on from halter tops and I'm ready to use some of my Sunshine stash.  I'm really enjoying knitting for little Tess.  I still have to finish a Wallaby sweater for my older son, but he admitted recently that the crazy variegated yarn he chose is a little ridiculous. I'm almost half-way done with the sweater! Ugh!

  • With all my talk about not wanting to eat, I dreamed  about banana ice cream and I've been thinking about making it, but I do have this fear that I'll make the banana ice cream and then not want it.  I must need more potassium.

  • On our last day of school, Luke and I had plans to see a small theater production of The Secret Garden in Littleton.  It was very warm evening and since we got to historic downtown Littleton early, we walked around together before the show.  I had my doubts that The Secret Garden could be translated into a good play and I was right.  It was just okay.  It was a musical with mostly forgettable music and the actual set for the garden was so disappointing, but the important thing is that I got to spend some special time with Luke.  I know he really enjoys the one-on-one attention from either Paul or myself.  I know these types of outings are really important especially as he gets older.

  • Tessie's hair is almost long enough for short pigtails.  I can clip up some of her hair on either side and it just delights me. 

  • Pictures of the pigtails to come!

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