Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where did June go?

Sammy and his BFF Ella on the last day of pre-school
Here's little T riding Sammy's rocket.  It's really faded in the sun.  I remember we gave Sam this rocket for his 2nd birthday.  Now, he's 5.  Things like this make me realize that time just moves way too fast.
Little T must be pondering something!
Little T is a little chef.  She's spent the better part of June outside on the deck "cooking".
I seem to have tons of pictures of the kids on the deck.  Here they are again.
Luke and Cheyenne
Thi picture made me realize that I don't have a baby girl anymore.  She's getting so independent.
Luke and Cheyenne at the dog park
Here's Paul with the kiddos on Father's day
Luke loves his little sister so much.  They are already great friends!
Little T in the baby swing-  She's pretty content while swinging.
I had to get a picture of Little T with that crazy felt flower stuck to her hair.
Out and about with the boys
Little T in her new $5 dress
I'm already planning to knit a little cotton summer sweater for her to wear with this dress!

So, where did June go?  Seriously, I just don't know.  We finished up our school year the first week of June and the week after, I sent the boys to VBS. I've had a couple of ultrasounds in June and I expect to have at least two ultrasound appointments each month until they are born.  Since we are having identical twins, my doctor monitors them very closely since they could develop twin-to-twin transfusion at any time during the pregnancy.  So far, they are doing great and amazingly, my anxiety levels are much lower with this pregnancy compared to when I was pregnant with Little T.
Paul took a week off to hang out with us and to get some wok done around the house.  Although we don't have plans to re-do the basement bathroom at this time, he gutted it.  He ripped out the old tile, bathtub, toilet and vanity.  It's nice to know that now it's a clean slate and we can get going on the bathroom at any time.  It's hard to believe that after living in this house for almost five years, we've had two non-functioning bathrooms.  The boys technically have their own bathroom, but they've been sharing with us since we moved in early 2006.  Since they're getting so big and the family will expand again with the arrival of the twins, I stopped stalling and finally chose tile for both the tub surround and floor.  All this time, we just kept the door closed to the unfinished boys' bathroom.  It's really nice getting some momentum going on knocking out these home projects.  We wish that daddy could take the rest of the summer off and hang out with us because it's just nice having daddy home all the time. 
We joined a CSA this summer and so we've made a weekly visit to our local farmer's market each week.  I'm amazed at all the produce I bring home each week. It's becoming a challenge to eat it all.  We had several tomatoes left over from last week and Paul cooked up a batch of homemade pasta sauce with fresh basil.  I took the kids just this morning and we loaded up on corn, English cucumbers, more tomatoes, onions and a cantalouple.  Last week, I got a watermelon that we still haven't eaten yet.  I think we'll cut it up and have it on the 4th of July along with all the corn.  I think we'll grill the corn. 
As for our own little home garden, we've got some Mammoth sunflowers, carrots, and pumpkin pie pumpkins coming up.  So far, I don't see any kale or lemon cucumber seedlings.  It's so difficult to grow things at this elevation, but we keep trying!  I think I'll plant some more seeds this weekend and just see what happens!
We've taken the kids to get ice cream a couple of times which is something that we normally just don't do.  Paul and I aren't really big ice cream eaters.  I like my ice cream in the form of either a chocolate or strawberry malt!  I still have plans to make some homemade ice cream this summer since ice cream shop ice cream just can't compare.  I love the vanilla ice cream recipe found in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, but I'd like to make strawberry this summer.  I have to make ice cream at least once during the summer. 
I haven't thought about school plans much, but I did just finish reading this book and it put me in the mood to begin thinking out Luke's 6th grade year.  I'm thinking we'll start in August this year instead of our normal September since the babies are set to arrive sometime in October. 
I've also been knitting and I'm almost ready to begin a new project, but I can't decide what to start yet.  I just got a cheap spindle and I'm excited about learning to make my own handspun yarn.  I can thank Jenn for that!  I don't have any roving yet.  I wanted to order some roving from Sunshine, but I forgot to check in last Tuesday and well, they yarns go fast there.  By the time I remembered, there were only a couple of roving colorways left.  I guess I'll have to wait until the next shop update!

We are enjoying a slower pace this summer and we have some plans for some swimming in the next few weeks.  We're going to take the kids to see Toy Story 3 this weekend.  I'm looking forward to that.  Luke practically wore out our copy of Toy Story 2 when he was younger.  Now, he and Sammy both watch it.  Time moves so quickly.  I remember the first Toy Story came out the year before Paul and I were married and we'll celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary this month.  So much to celebrate!
Enjoy and savor your Summer, friends!  I hope to pop in more this month.  I can't believe that I only posted twice in June.  Like I said, where did June go?? I guess I needed a little blog break. 

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