Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekly Yarn Along

Last night, I was teaching a beginning knitting class at my local
knitting shop, the Knit Knook and I cast on for another Hermione hat in this bright
pink in Cascade 220 Superwash.  I can't remember what
color this since I sometimes don't keep the labels and clearly didn't  in
this case.  I'm making this hat for a friend's little girl.  I love this pattern!
I can't tell  you how many of this fun cabled hat I've made.  I perused
several patterns at Ravelry, but I kept coming back to the Hermione hat.
It's a fun project without being too difficult or too boring.  As for
reading this week, I just got Cooking for Isaiah yesterday as
I really need to get more proficient at gluten-free baking for myself and
especially for my husband who has a gluten intolerance. I always enjoy
reading cook books!  I always pull
 out Christmas 101 at this time of year for inspiration and I'm still reading
Beauty which is a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast.  Since I'm up nursing the
twins a lot at night, I actually have time to read, but sometimes I listen to
books on my MP3 player as well.  Last night, instead of reading Beauty, I
listened to Only the Good Spy Young (the 4th installment of the Gallagher Girls
series).  Don't you just love that title??  Yes, I do enjoy YA novels from
time to time and this series is just fun.  It's like Alias for the high school set.
 It's really hard to capture the color changes in this yarn.  The colors remind me of Fall leaves after they have already fallen and gotten dry and crunchy.  
I had to include pictures of these arm warmers that I finished last
night before I cast on the Hermione hat.  I made these for my sister as an
early Christmas gift. I think she would have liked the thumb holes,
but I just liked the simplicity of the arm warmer and honestly, I didn't feel
like picking up stitches for the thumbs! 
This is another pattern I found at Ravelry.  It's called Toasty and
it's super quick and super easy.  Boy, are they warm!
I'm trying to get better at photographing my work.  I think this weekly exercise
in showcasing both my knitting and reading should help me improve my camera skills.

Thanks Ginny for hosting the weekly Yarn Along!


Meredith said...

Love those fall colors, although I imagine yours are all gone and covered in snow by now??? Happy Feast today sweetie, give those babies a snuggle from us :)

Sarah said...

Love that hat pattern! Will have to add it to my queue. And the fall-colored yarn is really pretty.

How do you like the retelling of Beauty book? I will look forward to reading your review, if you post one, on Good Reads =)

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

I enjoyed Beauty too! Those arm warmers are lovely, pretty description of the colors...

appledapple said...

I think it would be very satisfying work to teach people to knit, how wonderful!
Your knits are beautiful and I LOVE the pink!