Monday, March 14, 2011


The other day my son asked me to take him to Target. I really didn't feel like going. It meant packing up the twins and bringing a lot of gear. I just wasn't in the mood, but we went anyway. I ended up in the stationery section looking for thank you cards and that's when I found this simple little journal. It shouted Spring! Suddenly, I was happy to be at Target and I couldn't wait to get started recording all those everyday blessings. If I pay close enough attention, abundant blessings are everywhere.  So, here begins my year of blessings:

1. quiet time in the evenings after every one's in bed
2. stacks of library books
3. decaf raspberry lattes made by Stephanie- she knows exactly how I like them!
4. a trip to the yarn store
5. reading aloud to Luke
6. gazing into the blue eyes of  the twins
7. scones and Darjeeling tea
8. knitting with a friend
9. watching Little T cuddling with bear while she sleeps
10. just thinking about growing Mammoth Sunflowers

I'm just getting started! It's wonderful life. If you don't stop and look around you could miss all those small things that add up to big blessings!

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