Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yarn Along- In which I abandon last week's projects, tear out the green hat and start a yellow one

So, try as I might, I can't seem to blog about anything else other than knitting these days although I really want to talk about other things like our recent basement remodeling.  Over the past several weeks, we took the plunge and decided to hire contractors to turn our single car garage into extra living space.  It's going to give the bigger boys and well, all of us some extra needed space in our cozy conifer cabin, but more on that later.  Back to knitting.  Last week, I wound (by hand!) three hanks of Spud & Chloe yarn to knit another Chloe to match the cute little Hawaiian sundress.  I blogged all about it on last week's Yarn Along, but then I decided that I didn't feel like knitting stripes after all and I wanted it all yellow. Although I didn't want to buy more yarn for this project, I headed over to my local yarn shop and bought Plymouth Jeannee Worsted (51% Cotton/49% acrylic)  in a bright yellow. This is economical yarn around $3.50 a skein.  I proceeded to cast on and I put the Spud & Chloe away.  I was also working on the November hat in Green.  There's a picture on last week's Yarn Along as well.  After three attempts, I ripped it out, wound the yarn back into a ball and hopped on Ravelry to find a new hat pattern
Now, the November Hat isn't difficult at all, but you can't make the tiniest mistake or be off by even one yarn over or it ruins the overall effect. I know this  because I just kept making mistakes and then I wouldn't notice until a round or two later. This would happen to me about three inches in and I just couldn't fix it.  I'm going to try the November Hat again in different yarn that isn't so fuzzy.  Anyway, I found the Dogwood Hat and I liked the simple lace pattern.  So, I cast on and although this hat is more complicated than the November Hat, it just knit up so easily,  quickly and without frustration.  Two days later, I was done and I was just  happy to get something completely finished. After all the knitting, I would stay up even later reading.  I'm operating on a severe sleep deficit the past few weeks, but I love reading late at night, but I need to catch up on the rest!
I'm more than half-way done reading The Wilder LifeWendy McClure immerses herself  into what she calls Laura World and embarks on a great adventure into all things Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The world of the Little House is so multi-faceted and that's what makes this book so engrossing.

I take way too many pictures in front of this door. I can't wait to introduce Laura and Mary to this little girl.
I knit this fun hat up in Sunshine Yarns worsted in Butterbeer.  It has a lovely candle glow warmth to it.

Tess thinks that this is her hat.  I think she looks lovely in yellow.
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embracingitall said...

The hat is gorgeous and the colour is certainly warm. All the best with your extension. Jacinta

Anke said...

The hat turned out great, I really like the pattern and the color is so pretty. The book sounds like an interesting read, I'll have to check it out.