Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The "I feel behind on everything" Yarn Along

This is Ginny's little newborn lace hat. Lately, I've felt way more
overwhelmed than usual.  I know. I know. I'm sure it
has to do with the twins and I don't want to admit my limitations.
Anyway, amidst a pile of unfinished books and knitting projects,
I decided to knit Ginny's little hat. I needed something that evoked
simplicity since my own life feels anything but simple at the
moment.  I didn't block it so it's difficult to see the simple lace pattern.
It actually looks like I have a few random yarn-overs in there, but it's just
part of the lace pattern.

Here's more evidence of being behind. Last night, I finally cast on for the BSJ-KAL over at Elizabeth's.  I'm on row 4. Yup. Row 4. I know it's not some race, but I couldn't even keep up on the first day.  Again, I'm sure it has everything to do with managing 7 month old twins.  It's not easy and often I feel that I
should be able to accomplish everything that I both want to do  and need to do.  I hate admitting that I can't.  I'm reading The Forgotten Garden which I was supposed to have finished for last Friday's book club.  I got to page 200 and so far, this week, I'm not much past that.  My day is full of running around and there's not much time for reading except late at night and lately, I've been choosing to knit instead of reading at night.  Like I've said many many times, knitting is therapeutic and calming to my soul.  I need it's rhythm and I need to feel creative.  Knitting gives me both.  It also gives me time to pray and I desperately need that prayer time too.
So, back the Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ)... I just checked Ravelry and there are over 14,000 projects listed there! To say this is a popular pattern is a complete understatement. Although I think Elizabeth Zimmerman was innovative and the BSJ is unique, I have to admit that the sweater doesn't excite me.  It's boxy unisex shape is unattractive and looks, well dated.  I'm using a not-so-soft sock yarn, but I didn't want to buy new yarn for this project.  I
wanted to use what I already had in my stash and what I had was Berroco Sox.  Hopefully, it will soften up after washing.
I'm using a size 4 needle and I admit that I didn't knit any gauge at all.  I don't really care what size it is.  I just want to get the experience of knitting a BSJ! Okay, I better sign off.  Lunches need to be made and the kitchen is begging to be cleaned and I don't want to get any further behind!

For more knitting and BSJs, head on over to Ginny's today!


Mary G said...

Well ... I think the yarn for your BSJ is beautiful! I also think the little hat is uber cute. AND, I'm heading to the library in a minute to pick up The Forgotten Garden which sounds like a wonderful read.

Bottom Line: cheer up and enjoy and embrace joy! And hug those babies (all of 'em) and cuddle and read and knit ....

Hugs from Virginia, dear!

Peaceful Knitter said...

I always turn to knitting when my day feels crazy or things feel out of my control. It has such a calming effect, plus it's important to do something that helps you feel creative. No one can do it all, we just have to do the best we can.

Sarah Jane said...

Man, everyone is reading that book. I need to get on it!