Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweet Potatoes for Sweet baby James

When the twins reached 6 months, I was going to give them their first solid food- avocado.  For first foods around here (except Luke- His first food was banana) I mash up a little avocado with some breast milk and offer them their first bite of food.  Well, 6 months stretched into 7 months and today, even though I had the avocado, I opted to steam some sweet potatoes, add some butter and puree it all. Since Liam was still napping and James had woken earlier, I decided that the younger twin would get his first bites first.  You snooze. You lose.

I think he loved it. He didn't do that tongue thrust thing and he looked liked he liked the new food. He managed several small bites. We're on our way to new culinary adventures with the twins.  So, when Liam is up, he'll get his first tastes too.  Pictures of Liam to follow!

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