Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Daybook- The way overdue daybook

Outside My Window
Last night, around 1:30 in the morning, the bear was back. This time, we were prepared with a bear-proof garbage can.  This year, we decided to expand the living space in our basement by converting our tiny garage. So, the garbage can has to stay outside now and that attracts bears. We've been on a waiting list for a bear-proof garbage can for months.  There must be a serious high demand for these garbage cans here in Colorado since they seem almost impossible to find, but Paul found someone selling one on Craig's List.  Even though, it's bear-proof doesn't mean it's bear repellent! Anyway, we heard the can being knocked over early in the morning. Now, we need to find a space where the bear can't find it.

Now, it's late morning and it's overcast outside my window.  I don't mind since it cools things down considerably around here.  I'm expecting more rain.

I am listening to
Friendship Bread on my MP3 player. I keep trying to listen to this while I'm nursing at night, but I keep falling asleep and having to rewind.

I am wearing
faded jeans and an ugly stretchy light blue t-shirt.

I am pondering
so many things.  Mostly lists of things to do this month.  I am thinking about how the beginning of August always feels like the beginning of the end of Summer. I am thinking about organization and what things need to be purged. I'm pondering sewing curtains for Tessie's bedroom. I'm wondering when  I will have time for all my creative pursuits. I'm thinking about what creative endeavors I'd like Luke to try this year. He doesn't seem as interested in knitting anymore. I know he thinks kids will laugh at him if he mentions that he knits. It didn't use to bother him. I'm also thinking about style and color. I recently had my colors done. I'm fascinated by what color can do. I'm ready to incorporate some of these saturated hues into my wardrobe. I'm thinking that it's time to invest in some good clothing. I'm thinking about the upcoming transition into Autumn and I'm pondering our return to a more disciplined schedule.

I am reading
Manning Up
The Forgotten Garden (This is more like the forgotten book.  I just haven't been in the mood for it lately.)
The Practical Guide to Patchwork
The Penderwicks at Point Mouette (reading to Luke)

I am creating

Well, as usual, I have too many projects on the needles.  I'm working on this little baby sweater for a friend's new baby boy.  I'm trying to tame the knitting bag and keep things organized.  I'm pondering themes for quilts for the twins.  I've purchased fabric for a pirate-themed quilt for one twin, but I haven't decided on the other theme yet.  I've been spending some time at the Fat Quarter Shop for fabric inspiration.  I'm also creating a lot of boards at Pinterest. I love Pinterest!  It's like clipping all those inspiring pages from various magazines all without the hassle of scissors and a mess!  So much inspiration there! 

Towards a Real Education
I am spending time with Sammy in the evenings.  We are trying to conquer Teach Your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons. Sometimes, he can be a little stubborn, but I know he looks forward to having time with me and I can see his confidence grow a little each day.

Luke is going to help me design his wildlife quilt.  We've collected lots of fabrics of bears, raccoons, deer, log cabins, evergreen trees etc. and I think he will enjoy being part of the process.

I've also been talking to Luke about learning to carve or whittle.  He's had a couple of books for a while and he expressed interest in trying to carve chess pieces. 

Reading aloud time with Luke in the evenings. I've committed to at least ten minutes a day so that we have a little time with just each other. This is part of our informal learning during the summer.  Reading aloud  has always been a vital part of our lives, but as I've mentioned before, our reading aloud time dwindled down to only about once a week during some of my pregnancy with the twins and during the early months after the twins' arrival. I know it's important to him because he reminds me every day. 

Towards Rhythm and Beauty
I am thinking about the small details that make a home.  These are those small things that I neglected over the foggy year of the twin pregnancy. Every day, I feel that I dwell more and more in possibility, but that often collides with reality.
August is different than the other Summer months. It's less care free. It's the month to gear up for the transition into my favorite time of the year. August feels like the month to prepare. I'm thinking about putting up jars of jam and canning pickles. 'm thinking about making sure we slowly transition back to regular bedtime (I'm thinking about Luke here. He's been staying up until 10pm these days reading The Far Side.)
I am thinking about transitions.

I am Hoping and Praying
for an inspiring school year for Luke and Sam. I'm hoping to begin the potty-training process with Tess.  I'm hoping that boys will have a prosperous year of learning all the time. I am hoping that I can create a workable routine and schedule that makes our days flow better.

In the Garden
Mammoth Sunflowers, a few strawberry blossoms, the hope for a pumpkin pie pumpkin, Chives, Basil and one ripe  tomato!

From the Kitchen
I perused the latest issue of Everyday Food and I got some simple inspiration. I've been in a cooking rut this summer. It's been evident in the amount of times we've had breakfast for dinner. Paul will cook up some eggs, bacon and/or sausage and rye toast when we're just out of ideas and I've been out of ideas forever.  Last week, I baked a batch of cream scones and we had Darjeeling tea, scones and sliced cucumbers for dinner. I'm needing to make a Fall menu that will simplify life in the kitchen. I'm thinking about having Luke write the list for me.

Around the House
the need for order.

One of my favorite things
I've just discovered Boulder Ice Cream in Coconut! I'm in love.

A few plans for the week
Celebrating my dearest friend's 39th birthday
taking a trip to the Farmer's Market to collect our weekly vegetables
baking a cherry pie (I have some Grandma Hoerner's Cherry Pie filling that needs to be used soon.)
finish knitting the baby sweater. I have one sleeve to go.

Picture Thought
Tessie out on the deck wearing various hand knit items on this overcast day.  It is almost cool enough to wear a sweater today.

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