Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yarn Along: The Too Small Sweater

I should have known better. Really.  I should have known better. I started this sweater in July on our driving trip to California.  I knit the body of the sweater quickly and like I always do, I set it aside and cast on a new project. I didn't feel like picking up the stitches for the sleeves and so it sat in my knitting bag.  Then, I knit one sleeve and well, that wasn't so bad, but again, I put it away until last night. I stayed up late and knit the second sleeve. I knew it would not fitI made a bad choice. Liam was so small and I thought the 12 month size would be enormous when I started this project, but the babies both have had growth spurts recently. Since I let this sweater sit incomplete, Liam kept growing and well, the sweater didn't. I could barely get it over his head, but I was determined to get some photos since this will be the only time he wears it. I need to knit sweaters for both the twins and I just realized that's four sleeves! I better make sure I cast on the 18 month size given how much time it takes me to get to the sleeves!  Okay, I'm kidding, but I definitely see the effects of my lack of discipline. I also learned that I need to bind off more loosely.  It's really tight around the sleeves and bottom.  I should just go up a needle size and try to bind off loosely.  So, it isn't a total loss. I do learn a lot from my kntting failures and it's not a real  failure. I, at least, got a picture of Liam's first handknit sweater from mama.

I did manage to finish the hat I started last week, but it's too small for my intended recipient. Ugh! Tess quickly decided that it's her hat now.

As for reading, I'm still reading most of last week's reading, but I'm definitely in a funk. I'm just not finding enough time in my day right now. The twins are teething and are keeping me up more and more each night right now. I'm exhausted and I can really feel the fatigue today, but yet I keep on knitting no matter how tired I am.

Head on over to Ginny's today for the Yarn Along!


FlauschiOhren said...

I'm sorry that the sweater is too small...but it's cute nevertheless =)) Don't be frustrated, as you said - at least you learned something! That's what I always keep telling myself when a project doesn't turn out the way I had hoped. Ask me about too tight sweaters ^^

Elisa said...

Awww..too bad, but it's still really cute! I made something for my newborn.....he still hasn't fit it. It's way too big. I'm just not that great w/ the gauge thing.