Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yarn Along: Early Autumn Edition

 After weeks of unraveling projects, I managed two stash buster projects this week. Of course, they are both hats! They are going to be gifts for a friend's son and daughter. I used the yarn from the recently unraveled sweater to knit this hat (see below) and I used yarn in my stash to make this hat (see above).  I added a little Fair Isle to this hat. I have a lot to learn with Fair Isle knitting especially how to hold multiple yarns efficiently. This little hat made me want to explore more color and patterns. I'm pleased with how this colorful hat turned out. It's much warmer with the addition of the Fair Isle pattern. I alternated stitches using Spud and Chloe in Pollen with some variegated yarn. The effect is really whimsical. I am going to pursue more Fair Isle color work!

                  Liam is much happier wearing this yarn as a hat rather than the too-small-sweater!

As for reading, I'm trying to finish up these books:
Manning Up
Little Bee

That's it for today. Please visit Ginny's for more yarn tales and books!

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