Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Autumn Knitting

Okay, full disclosure: I made her pose with this book (the inspiration for Pip's Acorn Hat).  We are fans of Elsa Beskow's picture books around here and after seeing Jenn's little hat, I had to knit one too. It can be a little tedious with so many p3tog stitches, but it's worth it and it knit up very quickly. This particular hat is going to a friend's daughter. Poor Tess. She models so many things that she doesn't get to keep, but she knows I'll knit her her own little Acorn hat. I used Berrocco Vintage in Mocha.



Jennifer said...

I loved your posed photo! So cute. The hat is precious - I hear you on the p3tog. Ugh.

Kelly said...

So cute, Carmie! I just finished my 2nd one for my second youngest son last night. Now there is one for Woody *and* Pip. :)