Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yarn Along: Holiday Knitting

I've started to think about the holidays and yes, it's early, but not really especially when knitting is involved.  Last year, I wanted to knit stockings for the twins, but adjusting to life with twins was and is difficult. So, although I continued to knit (a lot) last year, I didn't get to the stockings. Paul solved the problem and bought two matching plaid stockings that were just fine, but I wanted handmade stockings. So, I've started stocking number #1 and I'm just starting to turn the heel and of course, true to my nature, I set that project down and cast on  the Child's Fake Isle Tam (which I am more than half-way) and well, then I remembered I wanted to make Candy Corn Hats for the twins. So, I set down the Fair Isle hat and cast on Candy Corn Hat #1.  I think that if the twins will tolerate wearing the Candy Corn Hats then they will have simple, but cute costumes for Halloween. I spend too much time on Ravelry! Haven't I mentioned that I have issues with only reading one book at a time or knitting one project at a time? Is this curable?

Here are the links to the patterns I'm using:
Easy Christmas Stocking
Fake Isle Hat (This hat uses only two yarns, but one is Noro Silk Garden and it's variegated with long color changes and it makes this hat look way more difficult than it really is.)
Candy Corn Hat (I'm using Spud and Chloe Sweater in Ice Cream, Firefly and Pollen. The orange isn't dark enough, but it'll do.)

I just started reading Sally Clarkson's The Ministry of Motherhood with a study group.

Here's the fair isle hat up close. I used some leftover Cascade 220 for the contrasting color and it  probably wasn't a good choice since it makes the pattern difficult to see, but the Noro color changes are fun as they emerge row by row.

That's it for today. Please go visit Ginny's for more knitting inspiration.


Swanski said...

Beautiful hat! I really like all the colors-so pretty:)

candifer said...

beautiful colors--i really like the hat!

Becks said...

The hat is lovely. I'm surprised you have time to knit, read OR blog with 2 tinies! I have to wait until mine are all sleeping usually. Hmm, knit or sleep, which one tonight?