Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Between the Lines

I make very simple quilts. Sometimes, a simple pattern highlights the beauty of the fabric better. I enjoy arranging fabric and playing with color. Well, I've had this Jelly Roll in my fabric stash for a long time and I wanted to find a pattern that would make good use of a Jelly Roll. I found  the Between the Lines pattern at the Fat Quarter Shop which happens to be my favorite online source for fabric. As you can see from the pattern image below, I'm not quite done with the topper yet, but precut fabric definitely speeds up the process of assembling a topper. I cut all the strips last week and sewed the long strips together in a day. Although, clearly, I'm far from the final stages of this quilt. Sewing can be so satisfying even if the quilt is simple. It still requires work and creativity.

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Jennifer said...

This is lovely, Carmie. I love simple quilt designs. I need to remember this method. I so often end up with longer strips!