Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Sewing

Although I grew up with a mom who sewed me and my sister lovely dresses and dolls all the time, I didn't learn to sew until my early thirties. I remember spending a lot of time at the fabric store with my mom when I was younger, but the desire to sew didn't come although I really liked looking at fabric. When I started to sew, my mom gave me her Bernina 1080 sewing machine. I jumped into quilting and I had no desire to sew clothes. Clothing patterns are still a mystery to me. However, I've seen what Elizabeth has learned to do in the last year and I thought that maybe, just maybe,  I could learn to sew something other than a quilt too. So, I went over to the Oliver + S website and printed off the pattern to the Lazy Days Skirt.  Elizabeth whipped out three of these skirts for her girls and they're darling. Click and go see her skirts!

Okay, it's not really a pattern. It's more of a tutorial. It turns out that I lack the most basic of sewing skills needed to make clothes. I struggled a little on this skirt, but ultimately made four of these skirts in a week. I'm much more confident from sewing that simple skirt that I could even tackle perhaps a sundress next? I  just love the ribbon hem on this simple skirt.
I just got a new-to-me Janome 10000 Memory Craft sewing machine and I about to dive into learning machine embroidery too and well, there will be big learning curve there too, but think of boundless creativity I will certainly have.
As I get older, I am convinced that having creative hobbies sustains me in ways that is vital to my overall happiness.


Andréann said...

I've started learning to sew 2 years ago. The first things I made was cushions, then skirts. Because its the only thing my mom knew how to make (that and pants bottoms, we're quite small!) Pattern are still a bit mysterious but I manage to use some now. I found them very informative.

Elizabeth Foss said...

I LOVE it! I really think quilting is harder than garment sewing. I get wayyy more frustrated quilting.

Rachel Proffitt said...

My Mum used to sew for us a lot. I started back sewing fairly recently, because I got tired of clothes not fitting right ;)
I am hoping for a new sewing machine too... one with embroidery capabilites :D My husband has been scoping them out (I think he has plans for the embroidery LOL)

Jeannine said...

Sweet skirt!