Thursday, May 10, 2012

Needle and ThREAD

needle and thREAD

The topper's done! I cut, pieced and sewed all week and finished it on Sunday. I ordered backing and it just seemed too dark so I'm going to return it and I already ordered new backing that's much happier in my opinion! Now, this quilt waits until I can go meet with my quilter!
Another Lazy Days Skirt. I feel like I need to keep sewing this skirt until I feel more confident that I can move on to something more difficult. I love this orange batik fabric that I found at Jo-Ann. I think orange might be Tess's Summer color! I'm enchanted with this orange. It reminds me of orange Creamsicles, peaches, and the warm sun. Tess wants one more Lazy Days Skirt in some mermaid fabric that she saw in my stash. So, there may be another one of these skirts next week!

As for reading, I guess I've spent more time sewing than reading. I'm still reading French Kids Eat Everything.

Please head on over to Elizabeth's for more sewing and books!


Rachel Proffitt said...

And I still have that book on my want to read list LOL
I love the skirt- I have fabric to make my daughter a skirt- I might try it ;)
YOur quilt is lovely too.,

Jeannine said...

Oh, I just love love love the quilt! The colors, the stripes, amazing work! Thank you for sharing!

And the skirt is charming.

I've looked into that book. I couldn't get past the woman's tone on the little video Amazon features. She sounds quite smug. Does that tone carry through to the book?

Kerri in WV said...

The quilt top is GORGEOUS!! My needle and thREAD post is here:

Michelle said...

LOVE the quilt. LOVE the skirt. Thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth Foss said...

I really, really love that quilt. It's the perfect quilt for that fabric and once again, you seized a fabric I passed over and showed me how great it is .