Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yarn Along

I haven't updated my blog in almost a month! It's not because I haven't been thinking about it, I have. Summer has gotten me and the entire family off all of my routines. It's actually been nice to have long days stretch out before us. We've been relaxed about bed times with the older kids. We've been relaxed about a lot of things. I suppose that we have immersed ourselves in Summer.

 I've been knitting a lot without completing anything until yesterday. I've actually started to have some pain when I knit. Oddly enough, the pain is in my left shoulder and elbow. Most of my yarn movement is in my right hand.  After many years of knitting without pain, I suppose that I may be developing some repetitive motion injury. I know it's something I can't ignore forever, but I have been  kind of knitting through the pain.  I finished a Color Me Pretty hat in what should have been a toddler size, but came out sized more for a 6 month old baby. I really wanted to learn how to knit Fair Isle properly. Up until this hat project, I always picked up and dropped the yarns when doing color changes. This time, however, I held one working yarn in my right hand and the other yarn in my left. I had two happy results by changing the way I held the yarns. The yarns did not become twisted and the actual Fair Isle sections were less tight. I deleted the photo from my computer yesterday. So, go here and you can see my baby hat. About half way through this project, I realized that the two colors that I had chosen didn't have enough contrast. It's pretty difficult to see the flower     on the hat. I definitely want to make this hat again, but bigger and with better contrasting colors!

I read Phoebe's Birthday to Tess last night. In full disclosure, I kind of ordered this book for myself. This is a delightful little picture book, but the exciting thing about Phoebe's Birthday is the knitting patterns in the back of the book. Actually, this book also includes both a quilt pattern and stuffed "Mermouse"  pattern as well. The simple story includes some nice artwork and the patterns are featured in the book. Okay, so, I'm going to make this for Tess. So, I guess, in the end, this book is really for her after all. She gets the book and the Phoebe's Sun Tunic that I will knit for her!

Happy Independence Day! don't forget to visit Ginny for more Yarn Along adventures! Happy Summer friends!

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Victoria said...

What a delightful looking book! Every cute picture books should come with knitting patterns to go along!