Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Yarn Along

I'm back from my Grand Adventure and I'm ready to get back into my normal routine! Last Saturday, I was on a plane from Reykjavik, Iceland headed back home from a two week trip to the UK, Guernsey and Iceland. I had over 7 hours in which I could  knit, uninterrupted! So, I happily began working on the Four Seasons Hat in Winter. I knit a good chunk of this hat on the plane! I ordered the kit to knit this hat and I'm very glad that I did although my hat looks like most of the projects on Ravelry. This yarn is just fabulous. There are five colors, but each row only uses two colors at a time making the color work much more manageable. This hat is a little snug, but a little blocking may help.

Here's a photo of me wearing the hat. I'm not a very good subject for photos. I often think that I am smiling, but it turn's out that I'm usually just barely smiling. My oldest son, Luke took this photo of me with our aspen trees. I think that October is the best month of the year.There's no contest for me. I look forward to Autumn and Autumn colors all year. So, my Winter hat doesn't quite fit in with those fiery aspens, but guess what? There's an Autumn version of this hat and I want to knit that one too, but by the time I get around to it, those aspen leaves will all be gone!

As for reading, I'm reading The Flight of Gemma Hardy. This is a very good re-telling of Jane Eyre and it even takes place in Scotland and Iceland-two places I visited on my recent trip!

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Tracey said...

Carmen, your hat is stunning! I have not attempted colorwork yet with my knitting,but hope to learn soon.

momto5 said...

that hat is amazing. wow, great work!

Christine Novak said...

Beautiful! Someday I will become more adventurous in my colorwork...So far I've kept to the basic stuff.