Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Afternoon Book Post

I already know that I won't have time for my somewhat regular Friday book post tomorrow. So, here it is on a Thursday!

Ummm, how is it that I've never read The Giver? Ok, I admit that I've seen this book around forever, but I hated the cover. I had all kinds of preconceived ideas about this Newberry Winner based on this cover with this scraggly old man. I was sure this wasn't my cup of tea. I had no idea and I mean, no clue, that this book was dystopian literature. I envisioned a crazy old man living alone in the woods or something.

I can already see that both Divergent, The City of Ember, and the Hunger Games trilogy were influenced by this book.

My good friend, Marie, recently reviewed this book on Goodreads and wrote this: The Giver is the dystopian Sci-Fi YA to rule them all.

So far, I'm totally sucked in and I'm feeling terrible for judging a book by its cover. 
It looks like Luke and I will have another book/movie night this summer. I already told him to start reading The Giver

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