Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mary's Meme

1. Favorite Summer Drink - Well, I have 2 favorite drinks. I love sweet tea and a nice glass of lemonade with strawberries.
2. Worst Part of Summer - hmmm...Let me think. Oh, I really hate when I'm in bed at night with the windows open, the ceiling fan on high and the room is still stuffy and hot.
3. Best Part of Summer - our more relaxed schedule...the sun not completely setting until after 9pm....picnics...lemon pound cake...gardening...strawberries!
4. Favorite Shopping Experience - I love spending a big chunk of time on Amazon, but I enjoy looking at fabrics and dreaming up new quilts and yarn too!
5. What I'm Reading - Oh, there's quite a stack on my nightstand, but currently I'm reading Save the Males, Austenland, Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World and How the Heather Looks: A Joyous Journey to the British Sources of Children's Books
6. What I'm Praying About - for my baby girl!
7. What I'm Currently Knitting - Well, right now, I'm thinking about sewing all of these garter stitch rectangles together to create a blanket for Paul. I'm pretty sure this will be the last time I knit a blanket in this fashion as I'm not looking forward to assembling all of my rectangles. I'm looking forward to something more challenging after this...perhaps something from Mary's book?
8. What I'm Currently Writing - lessons plans for Luke and well, this blog post!
9. Where My Time Has Been Focused Lately - all over...I'm thinking about all my sewing, knitting and crochet projects that I need to finish. I'm thinking about my little garden with strawberries, cherry tomatoes, carrots and hopefully pumpkins! I'm thinking about my lesson plans for Luke's new school year come September 2 and of course the new baby arriving at the end of November. I'm also enjoying having my husband home while he's on his sabbatical. Oh, I'm thinking about my jam plan as well. I'm also reading this book for my jam plans. Since I'm talking about food, I guess I've been thinking about making this pie from Alton Brown too. There are too many yummy sweet things to bake during the summer!

10. Favorite Quote of the Day - Well, I don't have a quote, but a short poem. Is that okay?
I guess I'm breaking the rules, but here's a poem by Emily Dickinson.
I never saw a moor,
I never saw the sea;
Yet know I how the heather looks,
And what a wave must be.
I never spoke with God,
Nor visited in heaven;
Yet certain am I of the spot
As if the chart was given.

From this poem came the title for one of the books I'm currently reading, How the Heather Looks. This book is perfect for the literature-loving homeschooling family. Anyone who loves British children's literature will love this and see an adventure among living books!!

Thanks Mary! It was fun!

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