Friday, October 31, 2008

Images of Autumn

Last night's pumpkin carvings

Luke and Ella choosing pumpkins at Cottonwood Farms in Boulder

Sammy and I lounging in the pumpkin patch

Sammy and the pumpkins

Luke and Sammy enjoying a wonderful Fall day

My two chefs

The Aspens in my front yard

Paul, Luke and Sammy at the beach near Mystic

The boys (sort of) posing for a picture in Mystic

Krissy and her new husband Dennis. Of course
a bride should get to wear her veil more than once!

Here's the quilt Stephanie and I masterminded for Krissy's
big day. This is months of work involving all her closest friends
and family. Steph and I finished sewing the binding on three days before
the wedding!

Me (looking more pregnant than I thought), Krissy
and Stephanie at the wedding at the beautiful Wayside Inn outside Boston

Here's the bride and groom taking photographs. I didn't
want to get in the way of the real photographer. Way to
go Dennis for wearing an awesome kilt!

My boys

Me and my boys

Concord grapes growing at Lookout Farms in MA
They taste just like Welch's!

Sammy and Ella picking apples at Lookout Farms

Fallen apples

Luke at Lookout Farms

Sammy and Ella riding the kiddie ride at Lookout Farms

Paul and I at home a few days before
we left for the wedding.

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Mary G said...


You look beautiful! And the boys are looking so OLD!!!!

Blessings and hugs ... and I love the pumpkins.