Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Stocking for Tess

Before all the Christmas decorations go back in storage for another year, I have to mention the new stocking for Tess. I had intended to make a Christmas stocking for Tess, but I should have thought of working on one much earlier than November. I still thought I could do it before her due date and I bought fabric before she was born. Then, after buying fabric, I toyed with the idea of knitting a stocking for her, but who was I kidding? I'm still a beginning knitter and I am still knitting that Wallaby sweater for Sammy. I really couldn't justify another project especially since I've never knit a sock before, but I do know how to use double point needles now! I'm starting to know my limits when it comes to quilting and knitting projects! There just wasn't any time and that's when Stephanie stepped in and offered to make a stocking for Tess using her new super-cool embroidery sewing machine. She sewed this beautiful stocking and embroidered the little figure skater on the front. Stephanie knows how much I like ice skating and little plaid skirts. (Hopefully, Tess will like plaid too!) So, the super-cute little skater wears a fancy little tartan. I love how personalized this stocking is. It truly is a wonderful gift and one that will be cherished every Christmas. It sure makes the rest of our stockings look absolutely ordinary. Thank you so much Steph. It's truly wonderful!!

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