Monday, March 9, 2009

It's finished!

I started knitting this sweater for Sammy last October. I did take a knitting break after Tess was born in December. Double points, circulars and the Kitchener stitch...I learned so much making this Wallaby sweater. (I realize I have a lot of pictures of the boys posed in front of this door.)

I have to knit another one for my older son. I hope I can remember how I made this one!

Here's Stephanie showing off her first pair of mittens!
She's a pro with the double points too.

Our friend Krissy visited us from Boston this past weekend. We took the opportunity to teach her to cast-on, knit and purl. She was a very enthusiastic learner. Here is the beginning of her scarf. It was so much fun for the three of us girls to chat and knit at the same time! Now that the sweater's done, back to the socks and a sweater for Luke.

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Mary G said...

Carmen ... the sweater is gorgeous ... and Sammy looks so sweet!

Hugs and keep up the knittin'