Monday, May 25, 2009

Strawberries and random thoughts

I got up really late this morning and I don't even feel bad about it. Paul is home and he fed the boys leftover chocolate chip pancakes and milk for breakfast while I snoozed until, gasp, 8:30. It's been a productive weekend. Paul and I went to the nursery yesterday to buy things for our hopefully more-successful-than-last-year's- garden and we got the bunk beds up and Sammy moved into his new bed. The boys are now officially sharing a room! I remember how exciting it was when my sister and I got bunk beds. Since I was older, I got the top bunk. My mom installed a light up there so that I could read without disturbing my little sister. We're going to do the same for Luke. Now, we only have one child in our room! We'll dismantle the toddler bed later today and bring it back out when Tess it. Things are a changin' around here.

I admit that I'm a little giddy that our school year is about to wrap up at the end of this week. We're going to take a couple of weeks off in June and then start back with our Summer term of math review, typing, French and some casual nature study. We've got a nest above our garage and we know it belongs to a dark-eyed junco. We recently re-filled our bird feeders and are hoping to attract some new birds to our house. So, we're on our way with our bird-watching plans!

Today, I want to go buy strawberries. I have been craving them and I'm excited to make some jam. I saw this recipe linked at As Cozy As Spring and I have to make it! I guess I need to buy some blueberries too!
I just finished reading Nina Planck's new book Real Food for Mother and Baby last night just in time for Tess's first meal. I'm trying to decide whether I should feed her avocado or slightly cooked egg yolk first. I'm leaning toward the avocado since I just bought some delicious looking avocados last Friday and that's what I originally had planned for her first meal.
I love this time of the year. I just get so excited over all the possibilities of things to do and learn. Okay, we're off to have some Memorial Day adventures.

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Jennifer said...

Let me know how the jam turns out! It's also on my list of things to do.