Monday, May 11, 2009

My Day Book

Outside My Window

Earlier it was sunny and dare I say, almost hot, but now it looks a little overcast. I see some big puffy white clouds. There won't be any rain today.

I am listening to...

Tessie breathing. She's been flipping onto her tummy really well now for the past two weeks. Now, she's on her tummy and I can hear her sucking on her hand. I have the front door open and I can also hear some birds twittering in the distance. I'm beginning to recognize the sounds of some birds like the robin and chickadee. Right now, I'm not sure what bird I'm hearing.

From the learning room

We are definitely winding down for the year. Mostly, I have Luke doing a lot of math review and copywork. He's working on memorizing the vocabulary words from Lessons 1-5 in his Latin workbook. I don't want him to go on until he memorizes both the noun and verb endings. He's starting to spend more time outside and he reads in the afternoons. We worked on fraction skills as we made peanut butter cookies today.

I am thankful

that I seem not to be getting the cold that Tess and Paul have. I had two mildly stuffy days, but I have been taking a lot of Emergen-C- and I'm sure that helped lessen the duration of my cold.

From the kitchen

I couldn't bear to let two almost black bananas go, so I baked a loaf of banana bread and a batch of peanut butter cookies with honey and whole wheat flour (with Luke's help). I've had to do some major grocery shopping for days now, but I am happy that we are using what we have to create some simple eating. I've made a menu for this week that includes Greek turkey burgers on pitas and cheesy potato soup.

I am wearing

jeans and a white tank top. I was wearing a blue hooded sweater over the tank, but it just got too hot. I am wearing light pink Crocs and my hair in a clip...pretty comfy.

I am reading

as usual, too much. I'm reading Revolutionary Road, Simple Food for Busy Families: The Whole Life Nutrition Approach, Real Food for Mother and Baby and I just started Journey to the River Sea. I'm really enjoying the young adult literature this year! I think my hubby picked up my book hold at the library and now I'm looking forward to Jane Austen Ruined My Life. I will definitely be updating my GoodReads page today.

Holiness in the every day

I'm striving daily for just a little quiet time for both prayer and reflection. My days are smoother when I make it a priority. I am also waiting for Karen's book to arrive as well!

I am creating

a sock. I'm still working on my second sock. Tomorrow I start a new knitting class and I just ordered some fat quarters of fabric featuring the Hungry Caterpillar. I'm thinking about making Sammy a quick quilt since he really loves this book!

Home Comforts

There's a lot to do this week indoors, but my hope is that it's warm enough to do some outdoor clean-up. It's time to clean up the deck and the yard. Now that the snow is melted and hopefully melted for good, Luke and Sam can go back outside again and clear twigs and pinecones from our property. We're trying to reduce the fire danger around the house.

One of My Favorite Things
My friend Steph is so good at inventing new drinks. She makes really yummy coffee treats for me. Well, the other day she bought those Starbucks Fraps at the grocery store in the dark chocolate mocha flavor. She poured about a quarter of the frap into a glass and then filled it with milk. Seriously, it would have never occurred to me to dilute it with milk. It's so simple and yet I would have never thought of it. Usually, I don't like those bottled Starbucks Fraps. They're just too sweet, but just a little with lots of milk...yum! Also, I love robin's eggs. Luke and I have been reading a lot of bird picture books and I think robin's eggs blue is just one of the happiest colors!

Plans for the rest of the week

I have got to start some seeds. I have minimalist goals when it comes to the garden this year. I want to try to grow sunflowers, green onions, pumpkins and some cucumbers this year. It's already too late for strawberries. So, I'll just buy strawberries for jam-making this year. I hope to finish reading at least two of the books on my current reading list as well. I'm going to organize my sewing, knitting and crocheting and try to priortize my projects. It's already out of control and then I went and ordered Hungry Caterpillar fabric!

I'm getting my daybook published so late today that I think I will skip the picture though for this week. Be sure to visit Peggy for more daybooks!

Have a great Week!

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Jen said...

sounds like a lovely day and upcoming week!