Sunday, June 14, 2009

Money and space-saving tip

Most people who know me know that I'm a somewhat of a minimalist. I just don't like lots of stuff all around, but I tolerate it better now than before I had children. Anyway, I've been talking to my friend Jen who is in the middle of a huge purge at her home. It is often a huge relief to let go of the burden of things around our homes. So, it got me thinking about one of my favorite tips for saving money and space and ultimately having less clutter.

In my bedroom closet, I have a set number of hangers. I never buy hangers. If I buy something new, it's simple. Something else has to go and quickly. There's a set number of hangers. I have something like twenty hangers and I don't use them all! I've found that there is always something that can go. This way, although my wardrobe changes, the size of my wardrobe doesn't. I use this technique with my boys and will with my daughter (once we get her room finished).

Also, when I go shopping and I'm tempted to buy some article of clothing for either myself or my family, I usually think that this will just become more laundry for me- something to be washed, possibly ironed and then put away. Usually, that's enough for me to put the item back on the rack and walk quickly away. Suddenly, the item is just not that cute anymore. Now, of course I'm not opposed to buying clothes, but it makes me think harder when I do. Will this item be used often? Do my boys need it? Are two pairs of jeans for each boy an acceptable number? How many dresses does Tess need in size 6 months? Will she get to wear more than three dresses in that size before she outgrows them? Even with a manageable size wardrobe, laundry can be overwhelming. So, I set serious limits and I stick by them. I hope this helps.

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Aussie Therese said...

I like your idea of only having a limited amount of hangers in the closet. I may do that when I clean out my daughters closet.