Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thinking about Advent, Christmas and what I'll knit

It's a cozy winter-ish Saturday afternoon and I'm multi-tasking. I'm rolling a skein of sock yarn into a ball while I type this post and I'm also downloading some books from the library for my son onto the MP3 player. So far, I've downloaded A Christmas Carol, Around the World in 80 Days (both narrated by the very talented Jim Dale) (thanks Jenn) and the audio drama, The Fellowship of the Ring.

We're expecting probably a foot of snow later today. I've made my peace with the snow, well, at least for today. Right now, we have just a dusting of snow. It's perfect knitting weather and that leads me to thinking about Christmas. I have several projects on the needles right now that are Christmas gifts. Suddenly, I realized that it's mid-November already. I truly want to have all my gift shopping done before Advent begins. I want an unhurried and calm Advent and that means getting all the shopping done early. I just don't want to be distracted with shopping during December. This is usually my goal, but I never quite make it, but I truly desire some peace in the Advent and Christmas season and knocking out the shopping is key. I really do enjoy gift-giving, but I don't want it to dominate my thoughts when I should be preparing for Christmas. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Well, I'm mostly done with the shopping and I'm not too worried about the knitting projects because well, knitting isn't shopping. It's usually relaxing. In fact, I find that knitting is the one activity that gives me a real sense of calm. I'm working on a cabled scarf for Paul in Spud&Chloe Sweater yarn in the colorway Rootbeer which I mentioned in an earlier post. I'm also working on some baby and toddler hats hoping to use up some of my small stash. I have to admit that I do get overwhelmed with too much yarn! I have plans to make this for Tess. I know it's a Spring Garden tee, but I bought yarn in a deep garnet color and I thought she could wear it this winter with a long-sleeved white t-shirt underneath. I'm feeling pretty inpsired right now. Currently, quilting projects are on hiatus until the new year. I had plans to make her cupcake quilt and have it ready for Christmas, but it will keep.

Well, back to winding the sock yarn into a ball and possibly baking a pumpkin bundt. I'm going to be busy busy the next couple of weeks! I hope you will all have calm and cozy Decembers as well.

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