Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas books

I've thought about going to bed for the last hour or so since
I've been staying up so late these days. It's becoming rare
that I'm in bed before 11. I'm usually up enjoying
the quiet and knitting or reading and tonight's no
exception. The last few nights I've enjoyed getting to stay up late with Paul since he's on
vacation and we've been having a LOST marathon. We've been watching Season 5 and if you're a fan of LOST, there's more questions than answers on the mysterious island. Well, tonight, Paul is out with my brother-in-law. They went to see The Road. They both read and loved the book. So, I'm up thinking about Christmas and New Year's. I have to admit that I am a fan of shopping the day after Christmas especially at Barnes & Noble. I usually try to pick up a couple of picture books at 50% off to add to our holiday collection. This year, I bought a beautifully illustrated A Christmas Carol despite having at least three other editions at home and well, the new Interweave Knits! So, it's been a busy month despite my best efforts to keep things a little more low-key and we haven't been sitting down leisurely to read through our big collection of picture books, but tonight, I sat down and read to the boys. We read The Nutcracker illustrated by Susan Jeffers and The Mitten by Jan Brett and Woodland Christmas illustrated by Frances Tyrell. This book is really just the lyrics to the Twelve Days of Christmas, but it has the most enchanting pictures. Who doesn't love a bear on skates? It's the kind of book that makes me want to learn how to draw like that. I remember buying this book used last year at the end of the Christmas season and packing it away for this year. I'm so glad that I brought it out today. I'm not ready to stop celebrating Christmas yet. I went to Jo-Ann the other day to buy some yarn for a hat for Paul and I was saddened to see the Christmas shelves cleared off making room for St. Patrick's decorations. Why the rush?? Did they skip over Valentine's day? Anyway, I digress...Okay, that's enough rambling tonight. Paul's home now and it's time for another episode of LOST and some more knitting. Goodnight!

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