Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Knitting Post

I know. It's another knitting post and I'm sure that I'm really the only one excited here. I mentioned in a previous post that it took me a year to finish my first pair of socks. I did many other knitting projects in between that first sock and second sock, but still it took me a full year. Well, I'm happy to say that this pair took me a couple of weeks and I even had to start the first sock over. Anyway, I knit these socks on size 3 DPNs and I was worried the entire time that one hank of Sunshine Sport (colorway: Field of Flowers) was not going to be enough for a pair of socks despite what I had read on Ravelry. I'm not really good at judging whether or not I have enough yarn for a project or not. Well, I knit the first sock and I made sure it was only 4" when I started the heel flap. It turns out I needn't have worried. I have a small ball of leftover yarn and that makes me crazy. What am I going to do with this small ball of yarn? Now I know I could have made the legs of the socks longer --maybe 5"? The foot of the second sock is definitely longer than the first. As I was knitting the foot of the second sock, I realized I had more than enough yarn and I started to relax. I'm going to try these again using size 2 DPNs because Jenn says it's the only way to go! Well, I'm going to wear these socks today. I can already tell that I'd like these socks better knit on smaller needles. So, I do have another hank of Sunshine Sport in the colorway Victoria and I'll do this sock pattern again and it may only take me a couple of weeks!


Sarah said...

Don't worry ... You're not the only one excited about your new socks. I am, too! I think they are so fun and colorful! I so enjoy seeing other people's projects. They greatly inspire me in my knitting =)

I think I'm going to have to check out that Sunshine yarn. Every colorway I see is so pretty!

regan said...

that is yummy yarn.
and it does look like a field of flowers.
congrats on your socks.
i think anyone creative enough to make their own socks deserves to gloat. ALOT!

Paul said...

Nice work babe. They look great!!!

Meredith said...

Those are so gorgeous!! Love the colors and they look super cute on your feet :)