Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gloomy Skies

I woke up this morning to an overcast sky.  Last night, I heard the first thunder of the season and then the rain began to fall gently.  Apparently, it rained all night, but I really couldn't hear it. For whatever reason the way the rain hits my roof, it's almost silent which saddens me because I love the drumming sound of rain  falling on my house, but oh well. This morning, dark, gray and wet was lovely. The rain soon turned to snow and then stopped altogether when the sun made its entrance and completely transformed the morning. 

As much as I love the rain, I have to admit that the gloomy overcast sky matched my mood this week.  I realize that I've neglected my blog this week. I've wanted to write, but couldn't quite write what I wanted to say.  A few times I've opened my computer ready to post only to click away.  I've been sick for a week now and have lacked the energy and brain power to think very clearly. Last week, I awoke with a swollen eye and instantly knew it was Pink Eye (although I tried to convince myself otherwise), but I thought that I could manage it with some home remedies. It quickly spread to my other eye and I knew that I'd have to go to the doctor after waking one morning unable to open either eye.  At that time, I started to get the sniffles and a mild sore throat. Thinking I was in for a manageable although inconvenient Spring cold, I didn't think much of it, but soon, all I wanted to do was nap.  I was wiped out and I developed a cough that kept me sleeping fitfully at best.  I haven't done any knitting in more than a week!  Now, that's  seriously ill!  I had too much to do, but I let it all go.  Deep down, I also knew that on top of my physical ailments, I was burned out...again.

 I realize I'm ready to wrap up our school year, but we still have a few weeks left.  I'm trying not be too hard on myself about this year where I relied heavily on workbooks and less on the creative pursuits that make homeschooling special.  We've listened to a lot of great books together. We've discussed those books.  We talk about books all the time, but this year has lacked that spark (at least in my mind).  How to get back that enthusiasm?  I'm sure it will come with a little break.  I know inspiration will come again after I get through this short season of gloominess.

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Sarah said...

Hi Carmen! I am so sorry to hear how sick you have been =( And burned out, too ... I hope that you are on the mend and feeling better very soon! God bless you!