Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cooking simple

I saw this cook book at Barnes & Noble sometime before Christmas.  I think I was sucked in by that shopping bag filled with all that fresh produce. There was something simple and inviting about it. Anyway, while I was at the bookstore, I perused its pages slowly. I love looking at cook books and this book was no exception.  I didn't know who Claire Robinson was since I rarely get a chance to watch the Food Network, but I was inspired by her philosophy of cooking delicious food with minimal ingredients.  So, later on, I checked out this cookbook from the library so I could enjoy it a little longer. I didn't have plans to purchase the book, but, I did.  Did I really need another cook book? No, I did not. In fact, I don't have room for all the ones I own now, but I love cookbooks. There are plenty of fancy dishes here using her 5 ingredient philosophy, but there are some simple inspiring dishes as well.  I like that she simplifies cooking without making her dishes seem plain or lacking.

In the letter to her readers, Claire Robinson writes about both her grandmother and her mother, but it was the advice her grandmother gave her that struck a chord with me. Claire's grandmother suggested that she learn a handful of dishes well.  This got me thinking. I like to try making new things, but I do spend an inordinate amount of time referring back to the recipe and that sometimes makes cooking new things unappealing.  So, I started thinking about learning to make ten or so dishes really well so that I could gain that ease and confidence in the kitchen.  Learn a handful of dishes well.  What other advice could simplify meal prep more? Would this make cooking even more fun? I'm sure it would. There are several soups that I love to make during the cold Winter months, but I still have to look at the recipes. Wouldn't it be nice to memorize the recipes so that I could have more energy to put my heart and soul into the meal for my family??  See how less can be more?

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Meredith said...

WE love her show and can't wait for her book, I have it on hold for now, but like you I'm sure it will be a purchase soon enough :)